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When do you need a conveyancer when buying a home or property?

Buying or selling property in New South Wales can be as exciting as it is daunting. Between the anticipation of landing a dream home and the complexities of legal documentation, it’s very rarely a straight road. 

That’s where a conveyancer or solicitor conveyancer can help.

How a solicitor conveyancer helps when you need them

A solicitor conveyancer is a key member when you purchase a home, ensuring everything runs smoothly, on time, and without any unexpected hurdles. From reviewing contracts to managing legal documentation and negotiations, they act as your legal guidance taking the daunting out of the dealings.

Regardless of when you contact a solicitor conveyancer during your homebuying process, you will find assistance in their legal knowledge and expertise.

Knowing when to engage a conveyancer

Ideally, a conveyancer should be part of your journey from the moment you decide to enter the property market, whether buying or selling. They’re the first point of contact to help you understand the legal implications of your decisions and guide your steps accordingly.

But if you don’t contact them before property-searching, there you’ll likely need the services of a Solicitor Conveyancer before making an offer. Imagine finding your dream home and preparing to make an offer, only to realise you’re not fully aware of the legal obligations and potential pitfalls. 

And the same goes for selling a property. Just picture getting a dream offer, but unsure if it complies with the legal and contractual obligations, preventing you from taking the chance when it presents itself.

Regardless of how many few steps into the timeline of buying or selling a property, you can still reach out for legal assistance.

Timeline of property purchasing and when you need a conveyancer

There are five key stages to buying a home or property in New South Wales. Knowing them helps answer when you may need a conveyancer.

infographic timeline of when you need a conveyancer

1. Pre-purchase research & property hunting

During this stage, buyers are researching the property market and identifying potential homes that suit their preferences. 

A Solicitor Conveyancer can provide guidance on the legal considerations to keep in mind while property hunting. They can provide legal advice on potential pitfalls to avoid and help buyers understand the obligations and commitments associated with property contracts.

2. Property inspections & evaluations

Once you have a property in mind, inspections and evaluations become crucial. These include building inspections, pest inspections, and property valuation.

You may have already made an offer on a property at this stage. A solicitor conveyancer can guide you through these assessments and ensure any problematic findings are addressed legally in your contract of sale.

3. Making an offer

After completing your evaluations, you are ready to make an offer (if you haven’t already). This stage can be particularly stressful as negotiations take place.

A property lawyer can negotiate on your behalf, ensuring that your interests are best represented in the contractual terms. Furthermore, a solicitor conveyancer can help expedite the process, preventing any delays that might allow other buyers to step in.

4. Contract of sale review

Upon acceptance of your offer, the vendor will provide a contract of sale. This is a crucial document that outlines the terms of the property transaction.

A solicitor conveyancer will review this contract meticulously, identify any unfavourable terms, and negotiate amendments where needed. They can explain every aspect of the contract in plain language, ensuring you fully comprehend what you’re committing to.

5. Settlement

The final stage involves the settlement where ownership is transferred, and you become the official owner of the property.

To help you across the finish line, a solicitor conveyancer will manage the final checks and necessary paperwork, liaise with banks for fund transfers, and ensure that the property title is correctly transferred to your name.

When do you need a conveyancer and when do you need a solicitor conveyancer?

There are a number of requirements when buying and selling property in New South Wales and across Australia. Both conveyancers and solicitor conveyancers are legally qualified to assist with property transactions, but their roles and capabilities can differ significantly.

When you need a conveyancer

A licenced conveyancer is a professional trained specifically in property law. They can guide you through the process of buying or selling property, helping with paperwork, legal searches, and liaising with banks and other parties. However, their expertise is typically confined to property transactions.

When you need a solicitor conveyancer

On the other hand, a solicitor conveyancer, like those in our team, has a more extensive legal background. Beyond property transactions, they can provide advice and services relating to broader legal matters such as tax implications, estate planning, and complex disputes that may arise during property transactions.

Choosing a solicitor conveyancer ensures you have access to a broader spectrum of knowledge and can be particularly beneficial if your transaction is complex or out of the ordinary. With a Solicitor Conveyancer, you can have confidence that whatever your property journey throws your way, they’ve got the expertise to handle it.

Is it time to contact a conveyancer or solicitor conveyancer?

Navigating the property market can often seem like charting unfamiliar waters. What should be an exciting time is often overshadowed by legal complexities and uncertainties. That’s where engaging a skilled Solicitor Conveyancer plays a vital role. 

With a Solicitor Conveyancer in your corner, you’re not just gaining a guide through the property buying process. You’re getting a seasoned navigator who can help steer the ship, anticipate obstacles, and ensure your home-buying journey is as smooth as possible.

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We can help you when you need a conveyancer

So whether you’re just starting your property search or quickly being handed contracts to sign… we can support you. 

While both conveyancers and solicitor conveyancers can assist with property transactions, the broad legal knowledge and skills offered by a solicitor conveyancer, like those in our team can provide a more comprehensive and secure service. 

We pride ourselves on our expertise, dedication, and exceptional client service. 

And with over 40 years of experience, we’re here to guide you through your property journey, ensuring that you are legally protected at every step, and ready to tackle any hurdle that comes our way… regardless of when you contact us.