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Commercial lawyers proudly serving Sydney businesses for 40 years

Your job is to dream big and take initiative. Our job as your commercial lawyers in Sydney is to make sure you do it risk-free.

There are many business lawyers in Sydney but few rival Marc Hardman and Associates for expertise and experience.

We love working with the investors and entrepreneurs that keep communities thriving. Marc Hardman and Associates’ decades of experience as Sydney business lawyers have given us the privilege of playing an important role in the growth of the communities we serve.

We know the way business people operate. Most importantly, we understand the concerns that keep you up at night. We know every exciting opportunity presents challenges that put you under pressure.

From financing to government regulations, there’s a huge volume of ever-changing documentation to deal with. It seems like every business and organisation is conspiring to make your next venture as complicated as possible.

There’s nothing worse than feeling burdened at a time when you should be optimistic and excited about your investment.

That’s where we come in. Our Sydney business lawyers scrutinise and negotiate the terms of every legal document, eliminating the nasty surprises that delay profitable ventures.

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Your one-stop-shop for business and commercial law services

With our in-house team of some of Sydney’s best lawyers, solicitors, and conveyancers, you have the resources to handle any legal challenge. We’ll be at your side, always ensuring any sale or purchase meets your requirements. Our experience with hundreds of clients gives us invaluable knowledge that will put you in a strong position for all negotiations, ultimately leading to a better price and favourable conditions.

We’ll also work closely with your accountant, providing legal advice on taxes that could result in huge savings. Our experts offer great tips on managing transitions, whether you’re looking to buy in or cash in.

There will inevitably be dozens of issues you haven’t considered yet, so we’ll make sure you’re aware of every detail as you take this huge step in your career. Most business sales include leases, assets, staff and complex finances, but with Marc Hardman and Associates’ holistic view of your business, nothing will slip through the net.

Marc Hardman and Associates find the many traps hidden in fine print, negotiate the best terms, and lock in the right price. Best of all, we do it faster than any business or commercial lawyer in Sydney. That means you can lock out your competition and get the deal done.

With our expert business lawyers on your side, business is always good


Business Sales

Making the most of your hard work means getting the right price. But before you sign on the dotted line, you’ll need to navigate a long series of processes you probably haven’t anticipated. We’ll explain every step, review every document, negotiate with all parties, and ultimately settle the business sale.


Buying a Business

Setting up your own business is exciting, but the paperwork can be frustrating. It’s not just the amount of documents. The hidden traps and fine print could plague your company for years. We analyse agreements, negotiate the best contracts, and expedite the legal process.


Commercial Leasing

Nobody can review and renegotiate a commercial lease faster than Marc Hardman and Associates. We examine every word of contracts that are often more than 40 pages long. While less experienced lawyers can overlook a crucial detail, our team exposes every risk and then follows up by skillfully negotiating better terms and prices. Many of the complex clauses are so familiar that we uncover potentially dangerous conditions in a fraction of the time it would take a less experienced solicitor.


Commercial Acquisitions

Few areas of conveyancing law are as complex as commercial acquisitions. The only way you can safely invest is to be sure about every facet of due diligence, including building conditions, regulations and financing. Our team will exhaustively analyse all documents, inspect the building and titles, ensure your finances are solid and structure the acquisition to minimise tax.

Questions for our Sydney Business Lawyers?

A business lawyer helps businesses with legal issues. They give advice, write contracts, and represent businesses in court. They make sure businesses follow the law in Australia.

In short, you might engage a business lawyer to ensure your company is operating legally and fairly. 

No, you don’t need a business lawyer to start a business in Australia. However, having one can help ensure you set up correctly, understand legal requirements, and protect your interests. It’s especially useful if your business has complex structures, partnerships, or potential legal risks.

Costs vary. Some charge an hourly rate, others a fixed fee. 

If you’re looking for an accurate quote for your legal services, please contact us. Our business lawyers Sydney team are proud to offer fixed pricing and transparent pricing. Timely advice without the hidden fees.

Yes, a business lawyer can represent you in court if you face a lawsuit or need to sue someone regarding business-related issues. Most are trained to handle legal disputes, prepare necessary documents, and argue on your behalf in a court setting. 

While we frequently meet clients from Dural, Paddington, Parramatta, Sydney, and the Central Coast, our Sydney business lawyers service a wide area across New South Wales and you can get in touch with us to get started. 

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