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Determine the future of your care, finances and estate

Nobody enjoys imagining the final stages of their life. But without preparing for the future, you lose the power to control it. With the help of an experienced team of succession lawyers, you can determine the future of your medical care, assets and benefactors.

There may be a day when you can no longer make these critical decisions. But that day is not today. Right now, your care, your estate’s administration and the benefactors of your Will are all decisions that are entirely up to you.

When you lose the ability to make those decisions, the results can be heartbreaking. You may not receive the care you need, every action will have to be determined by a tribunal, and uncertainty regarding your estate could result in conflict.

It’s your right to have your healthcare and estate managed by people who won’t let you down.

At Marc Hardman and Associates, we’re passionate about safeguarding our clients’ future. We recommend the preparation of three important documents that clearly state your intentions. Prepared by our expert succession lawyers, the documents remove any confusion. You will receive the care you need, have your estate controlled by someone you trust, and your loved ones will benefit from your assets.

The documents can be complex, but our experienced team will cut out the jargon and explain them in plain English. Having serviced generations of families over the past 40 years, our experience can be invaluable when you’re facing difficult decisions.

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Sydney’s friendly experts on succession law

Our succession law specialists take the time to listen and understand your exact needs. We need to know you as a person if we’re going to understand your situation and ensure each document honours your intentions.

Many people find it challenging to make the first call. But a brief chat with our experienced lawyers will remove much of the stress and anxiety you may be feeling. It can be a relief to talk to someone who understands the emotional challenges and has the expertise to answer every technical question.

The crucial documents we create for you will provide a clear list of directions followed after any event that diminishes your ability to make your own decisions. Your Will clearly states how you intend your estate to be administered. A power of attorney grants control of your estate and finances to a person you trust.

And finally, the appointment of an enduring guardian determines who will care for your health and wellbeing.

When it comes time to administer the estate, we liaise with banks, courts and asset holders, paying debts and getting the remaining assets to the right people. We set a schedule and stick to it, always striving to reduce the pressure on the executor and family members. It can be a long and challenging process, but it’s ultimately rewarding when we see the lives of family members dramatically improve, just as our client intended.

Succession lawyers who care about your future


Wills and Estate Planning

Our succession law team have created countless wills that survive scrutiny and challenges to deliver the intention of our clients. But a comprehensive plan should include provisions for your care and the management of your assets. By creating the three documents of a Will, an Enduring Guardianship and Power of Attorney, your choices will never be in doubt.


Estate Administration

There’s nothing we take more seriously than our role in administering an estate. When a client has passed away, it’s our job to ensure their intentions are followed to the letter. Although it’s a difficult job, it’s rewarding when the right people benefit, and our client’s Will is respected.


Family Provision Applications

In an emotionally-charged situation like the passing of a family member, people sometimes challenge the Will. Our experts can assist executors or challengers. In both cases, we’re charged with the responsibility to help you get the outcome you deserve. It’s also our responsibility to provide realistic expectations, including timelines and projected amounts.

Questions for our Sydney succession lawyers?

A succession lawyer, known as an “estate lawyer” in some regions, specialises in legal matters related to the distribution of a deceased person’s assets.

They assist in preparing and interpreting wills, managing estate planning, overseeing the administration of estates, and providing legal advice on the distribution of assets. Their role often involves ensuring that the deceased’s wishes are carried out in accordance with the law, while also addressing any disputes or challenges that may arise during the process.

Succession lawyers draft wills, manage estate planning, administer estates, advise on tax implications, handle probate processes, and represent clients in will disputes.

People might contact succession lawyers to ensure valid wills, navigate complex estates, minimise disputes, and handle legal and tax issues in estate administration. There are many laws to be aware of when handling estates, like the Probate and Administration Act 1898 No 13. A succession lawyer in your area can help you be aware of any laws that may affect your estate planning, and help you navigate it effectively.

Yes, succession lawyers can advise and represent clients wishing to contest a will, addressing issues like undue influence or lack of testamentary capacity.

Succession lawyers specialise in estate law and have experience with estate administration and will and estate planning. In comparison, general practice lawyers handle a broad range of legal matters without specific focus on estates.

Prices for services like will and estate planning or estate administration can vary. For example, many succesion lawyers may charge hourly rates, flat fees, or a percentage of the estate’s value, depending on the complexity of the work.

Marc Hardman & Associates offer fixed-fee, transparent pricing for all services our succesion lawyers undertake. If you’d like to get an accurat estimate on pricing for services, please feel free to contact our friendly team.


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