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When a property sale becomes a race, our clients finish first

We know how passionate you are about buying the ideal property. We also understand how worried you are that someone will beat you to the negotiation table. Don’t worry. We’re the Sydney property lawyers who will ensure you don’t miss out on your dream home.

Buying a property is equal parts excitement and stress. It’s become your passion, obsession, and biggest concern. You’re now in a race against the many other people who feel the same way about that property. And that can be very stressful.

Adding to your concern are the many processes, laws, and documents standing between you and your dream home. You’re probably frantically reading ‘how to’ articles and asking friends for advice.

You should be picking up the phone and calling Marc Hardman and Associates – the fastest property lawyers in Sydney.

You might be imagining you can handle your due diligence and finalise the contract yourself. But here’s a simple fact that delays the process and prevents people from buying a perfect home: legally, you can’t represent yourself. That’s the law.

So, while you’re busy climbing an impossibly high learning curve, your competitors are hiring conveyancing lawyers. That means they’re getting a head start.

But it’s not too late to make up ground and secure ownership of that property. With the finest Sydney property lawyers working around the clock to get your contract of sale to the agent, you can still win the race.

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Conveyancing law experts

Few conveyancing lawyers can challenge Marc Hardman and Associates for experience and expertise.

Forty years of practising conveyancing law and hundreds of successful settlements have made our team the perfect choice for homebuyers and investors.

Don’t let your time, energy, and money be wasted. There’s nothing more deflating than imagining yourself in a home, only to see it bought by someone else. It’s heartbreaking. Many of our clients have turned to us after experiencing the disappointment of missing out on their dream home. We made sure they didn’t go through that again.

Don’t make the mistake of relying on an inexperienced conveyancer. With one quick phone call, you could have one of Sydney’s leading residential property experts on your side.

Let our team take control of the due diligence, make all the necessary changes to the contract, and negotiate the best terms and price.

The Sydney property lawyers making dream homes a reality

Our property lawyers in Sydney analyse contracts, explain them to you in plain English, highlight potential issues, and incorporate your suggestions to ensure the agreement is suitable for you. Then our negotiation skills come to the fore. We lock down the contract of sale and get it to the agent so quickly that your competitors won’t stand a chance.

How quickly can we perform due diligence? Clients come to us on a Friday afternoon before an auction. Twenty-four hours later, they can walk into the auction, bidding confidently.

The difference between feeling stressed or excited about buying a property is preparation. Let us do the heavy lifting, putting your contract under the microscope and finding a critical issue that conveyancers may overlook. 

We’re real lawyers with a deeper understanding of the complexities of contracts. Real legal documents need real legal specialists.

We’re not like other lawyers. When you call, we pick up the phone. You’ll talk to a friendly expert, and within seconds, you’ll be glad you called. We understand what you’re going through, and we’ll be able to explain how we can make your dream a reality.

Our lawyers are experts on the Sydney property market


Residential Conveyancing

Don’t lose the opportunity of a lifetime. When you’ve found the perfect home, call our property lawyers immediately. With our residential conveyancing team preparing your contract of sale, you’ll enjoy a favourable agreement, speedy settlement, and the best price. Within minutes of your first call, Sydney’s most professional and efficient lawyers and conveyancers will begin reviewing your contract, exposing any issues, and negotiating with the seller.


Retirement Village Contracts

Retirement village contracts are very scary documents. They’re enormous and complicated. A standard conveyancer will not be qualified to understand and interpret the contract. It’s a niche area of the law that requires a specialist succession lawyer. But there’s no need for you to worry. Our team will come to you, explain the contract in layman’s terms, assist you with planning your finances, and ultimately help you take the next step in your journey. With our team on your side, you’ll soon be kicking up your feet and enjoying the benefits of retirement.

FAQs from our Sydney property lawyers

We are known for our speed and efficiency in handling property law matters, ensuring our clients don’t miss out on their dream properties. Our team is dedicated to winning the race for you in the competitive Sydney property market.

With over 40 years of experience in conveyancing law and hundreds of successful settlements, our team possesses unmatched expertise in this field. We are a preferred choice for homebuyers and investors, ensuring their time, energy, and money are well-spent​.

Costs vary. Some charge an hourly rate, others a fixed fee. 

If you’re looking for an accurate quote for your legal services, please contact us. Our property lawyers Sydney team are proud to offer fixed pricing and transparent pricing. Timely advice without the hidden fees.

Our team of property lawyers meticulously analyse contracts, explain them in plain English, and incorporate your suggestions to tailor the agreement to your needs. Our negotiation skills are key to securing favourable terms and locking down contracts efficiently.

Yes, our property lawyers are capable of performing due diligence rapidly. For instance, clients who approach us on a Friday afternoon before an auction can confidently bid the next day, thanks to our swift and thorough preparation​.

For residential conveyancing, we provide comprehensive services, including preparing contracts of sale to ensure favourable agreements, speedy settlements, and the best price. Our team starts reviewing your contract and negotiating with the seller right after your initial call​.

Yes, we specialise in retirement village contracts, a niche area that requires a deep understanding of succession law. We assist in interpreting these complex documents, planning finances, and guiding you through the steps to a comfortable retirement


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