Secure the site, funding and sales that will make your next development a success

Whether you’re a small or large developer, you’re about to commit a significant share of your assets to a property development. In terms of collateral for funding, you may be putting it all on the line.

You simply can’t afford to lose. That’s why you need specialist property development solicitors.

During a long-term and complicated project, you’ll deal with land acquisition, demolition, approvals, construction funding, complex stamp duty, and put-and-call arrangements. The due diligence and negotiations required make property development the most challenging area of law for a solicitor.

Marc Hardman and Associates have met those challenges during hundreds of successful partnerships with property developers. We are proven professionals who will provide crucial advice on the sale structure and quickly get you to the first and most important milestone: a guarantee that you’ll acquire the site.

In New South Wales, Marc Hardman and his team are renowned for negotiating watertight agreements quickly – fast enough to lock out your competition and secure a site critical to the development and future of your company.

We may play an important role in developments that cost hundreds of millions of dollars, but we’re just as passionate about smaller projects and first-time developers. One of our greatest pleasures has been partnering with small teams who have grown to become some of the most successful developers in New South Wales.

property development solicitor talking with client in Sydney office

More than conveyancing experts, meet the best legal team in property development

With our team at your side, you’ll negotiate a risk-free contract that includes advantageous timelines and contingencies. You’ll understand the costs, schedules, approvals, funding and the impact of stamp duty and GST.

Our specialists provide invaluable advice on property development funding and construction funding, including sophisticated borrowings. Lenders will insist you have independent legal advice, both as a company and personal guarantor. Our comprehensive risk assessment eliminates problems before they appear, satisfying lender requirements and removing the risk of delays due to lack of funding.

With your development on track and on schedule, Marc Hardman and Associates manages off the plan sales, ensuring you meet all disclosure requirements and create contracts that buyers cannot walk away from. With our bespoke software tracking your sales, you’ll always have access to sophisticated reporting.

The key to our success with development projects is our commitment to clients. We work one-on-one with developers, always being available and accessible. From the moment you decide to partner with Marc Hardman and Associates, we become committed members of your team.

End-to-end solutions for property developers, large or small


Put and Call Options

Locking in the deal quickly is crucial, but you must understand the risks of every clause. Speed won’t help you if your due diligence is poor. A subtle or misleading clause can easily catch you out, and with so much on the line, that’s an error you can’t afford. Marc Hardman and Associates has the experience to identify those issues fast so you can secure the site first and give your business the edge over your competitors.


Off the Plan Sales

If you’re not 100% compliant, every sale could be at risk. Your buyers could simply walk away. We ensure you meet every requirement, every contract is watertight, and every sale is recorded by our reporting system. Our proven methods lead to a quick exchange of contracts, satisfied lenders and ultimately, the success of your development project.


Land Acquisitions

Bid freely and confidently by understanding every risk and benefit. We combine thoroughness and speed to give you a complete understanding of contracts of sale, development approvals, stamp duty, finances and construction facilities. We can negotiate a due diligence period that guarantees the sale while allowing you to study, amend and renegotiate contracts.


Financial Facilities and Associated
Mortgage Transactions

Structure your finances to minimise personal financial risk while locking in the significant funding you’ll need for your project. With so much at stake, no lender will be prepared to back you unless you have independent legal advice. Our team provides the counsel you need, including legal responsibilities, implications and personal liability.


We offer comprehensive legal support in property development, encompassing land acquisition, securing funding, navigating complex stamp duty, and managing off-the-plan sales.

Our expertise lies in quickly negotiating watertight agreements, enabling our clients to effectively secure critical development sites, even in competitive markets.

We cater to a diverse range of developers, from small-scale projects and first-time developers to multimillion-dollar developments.

Our team is skilled in negotiating risk-free contracts with favourable terms and providing strategic advice on property development funding, including complex borrowing arrangements.

We manage off-the-plan sales by ensuring compliance with all disclosure requirements and creating robust contracts. Our bespoke software aids in sophisticated sales tracking and reporting.

Our commitment to personalised service is our hallmark. We work closely with our clients, ensuring accessibility and a collaborative approach throughout the development journey.


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