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How Our Castle Hill Solicitors Can Help

Our solicitors offer legal advice and support to clients from Castle Hill, Parramatta, and surrounding Sydney areas. Backed by 40+ years of experience in New South Wales and other states and territories across Australia, we can help prepare legal documents, represent clients in court, and safeguard legal interests in lower courts.

We often have clients contact us for various reasons, such as buying or selling property, handling wills and estates, or managing business legalities and we’re always happy to help. Whatever your need for a solicitor’s assistance in Castle Hill, we’re here to help.

We want to be your first choice and the team you recommend to your friends, family, and associates. We always prioritise client needs, valuing long-term relationships and repeat clients’ trust as our success measure. From your first consultation

Our solicitors provide personalised legal guidance, ensuring clients return for our services. During your consultation, we’ll understand your situation and needs. Then, we’ll work on reducing stress, identifying opportunities, and delivering effective legal solutions.

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About the Services Offered by Our Castle Hill Solicitors

Our Castle Hill solicitors handle a broad range of legal issues, covering both personal and business needs. Getting to know you and what you hope to achieve first, we customise our legal advice and strategies to meet your specific goals, leveraging our extensive experience to secure favourable outcomes. We prioritise clear communication, ensuring transparency and collaboration with you and your financial advisors, and providing strategic guidance on legal and taxation matters to maximise your benefits.

Whether you need assistance with property transactions, business expansion, or personal legal matters, our aim is to make each process smooth and beneficial. We aim to simplify complex legal issues and prepare you thoroughly for every step. We handle property deals, family law, and estate planning with meticulous attention and a comprehensive approach, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

At Marc Hardman & Associates, we focus on identifying hidden risks, negotiating the best terms, and achieving optimal results for our clients. Our efficiency and effectiveness in legal management help you progress swiftly, keeping you ahead in both personal and professional goals.

Services Our Castle Hill Solicitors Can Offer


Business Law

Our business lawyers play a crucial role in setting up new businesses, expanding operations, negotiating contracts, resolving disputes, and managing sales and commercial acquisitions. We ensure legal compliance, protect intellectual property, draft and review contracts, and provide advice on employment law and dispute resolution. This minimises legal risks, aids informed decision-making, and supports smooth business operations and growth.


Property Law

Our property lawyers are essential when buying or selling property, leasing commercial or residential conveyancing, handling property disputes, or managing estate planning. We specialise in retirement village contracts. Our team ensures property transactions are legal, provides advice on contract terms, manages settlements, and resolves disputes. This safeguards your rights, ensures fair transactions, and clarifies obligations, leading to a smoother property management process.


Property Development

Our property development solicitors are essential for negotiating and managing put and call option arrangements, handling land acquisitions, overseeing off-the-plan sales, arranging financial facilities, and related mortgage transactions. We provide expert legal advice, ensure compliance, draft and review contracts, and facilitate negotiations. Our goal is to secure favourable terms, reduce legal risks, and streamline the development process to ensure successful, legally sound project completion.


Succession Law

You might need our Castle Hill solicitors for succession law to draft and update wills, plan estates, manage estate administration, and handle family provision applications. We help distribute your estate according to your wishes, advise on estate structuring to benefit heirs, support executors in managing an estate, and represent interests in disputes over wills. Our goal is to provide peace of mind, ensure compliance, and prevent or resolve conflicts to help you manage your legacy effectively.

Questions We Can Help Answer

Don’t worry too much about preparation—we’ll guide you through what you need and when. If you prefer to be prepared, bring documents relevant to your case, such as contracts, correspondence, or court documents. 

You could also prepare a short summary explaining your situation and a list of questions you’d like us to help answer. This helps our Castle Hill solicitors understand your case and provide tailored advice that’s relevant to you.

A solicitor offers a wide range of legal services, while a conveyancer specialises in the legal aspects of buying and selling property. Our Castle Hill solicitor conveyancers can offer comprehensive advice for your property transactions and help address any complex legal issues– the best of both worlds.

You can write your own will, but managing the legal complexities and ensuring your wishes are upheld can be challenging. A solicitor ensures your will meets all legal requirements and reflects your intentions, preventing disputes and complications later on.

To choose the right solicitor, ensure they have expertise in your area of need. Check their experience, reputation, and communication clarity. Can they handle your requirements confidently? If you’d like to chat with us and see if we’re a good fit, feel free to call our office or contact us online.


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