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After hundreds of successful property purchases and developments, Marc Hardman and Associates is now regarded as the best conveyancer in Parramatta.

With the help of Marc and his expert team of solicitors and conveyancers, many families are now living in their dream homes and hundreds of businesses have developed into huge success stories.

The key is speed. Nobody can challenge the team for accuracy and expedience. Some conveyancers may be quick, others are thorough. But when you’re buying your dream home, an exciting new business venture, or a major investment, Marc’s team will get you to the negotiation table before your competitors. And that’s the difference between taking the next huge step in your journey or going back to the drawing board.

Marc Hardman and Associates will analyse your contract, explain it clearly, highlight issues, and negotiate better terms. The firm is so highly regarded that the team is often trusted to write entire contracts for both parties. That’s a rare honour, but with the calibre of lawyers at the firm, it’s common to reach terms that satisfy both parties. And that means quick outcomes that lock down contracts and lock out the competition.

We’re not just the conveyancers Parramatta turns to for property investments. We’re lawyers who focus on servicing families. We assist the community with starting and growing businesses, creating the best property developments, and managing estates. We’ve had the pleasure of servicing three generations of many Parramatta families by providing the best service in conveyancing, business law, property development, and succession law.

Don’t miss out on your next big opportunity. Call Marc Hardman and Associates and we’ll immediately begin the due diligence process that will help you secure your next major investment.
We are also available by appointment at Paddington and on the Central Coast.

Learn about our conveyancing services in Paramatta

Reviewing contracts

Your journey towards purchasing a property can’t begin until your agent has a physical copy of the completed contract of sale. 

At our Paramatta conveyancer office, we’re familiar with and understand the importance of a thorough and prompt review of the contract to secure your new home. With our expertise in property law, we pride ourselves on being one of the most efficient residential property conveyancing firms servicing Parramatta. 

Our fast turnaround time and accuracy are how we set ourselves apart from other conveyancers in Parramatta. We want the keys to your new home in your hands.

Recommendations and amendments

As your conveyancer, we will carefully review every detail of the contract and keep you in the loop.

  • We’ll let you know if we think any parts need to be explained or changed. 
  • We’ll give you a clear understanding of the contract’s terms, including any potential risks. 
  • Then, we’ll work together to make any changes you want before the contract is signed.

Purchasing property is stressful enough. Our goal is for you to know what you’re signing and why, without the added hassle.

Negotiating fair settlement

Helping to reduce concerns about whether or not you’re getting a fair deal, our negotiation and settlement services are designed to make the process of settling contracts as easy as it can be. Our Parramatta conveyancing team has years of experience navigating the process and using it to help you with your settlement.

  • A smooth and efficient process for settling contracts
  • Highly experienced team of conveyancers with a deep understanding of the process
  • Avoid misunderstandings and miscommunication that can cause delays
  • Quickly resolve any issues that may arise
  • Protects the interests of both parties, giving everyone a fair go

We believe that settlements should be fair, and we pride ourselves on protecting both parties and providing a finished process in a timely and satisfactory manner.

Book our Parramatta conveyancing services

At Marc Hardman & Associates, our dedication to providing outstanding service has allowed us to assist families throughout Parramatta with prompt, reliable, and honest conveyancing services for their properties. Our outstanding reputation for expertise and trustworthiness has resulted in successful contract settlements and speedy outcomes, and we’d love to help you too.

To discover more about our conveyancing services in Parramatta, contact us online or call (02) 9633 1033 to speak with our team. Alternatively, complete the form below to connect with us.

Questions about our Parramatta conveyancing services?

A Parramatta conveyancer can help with the legal aspects of buying and selling property by reviewing and explaining the contract of sale, carrying out title and property searches, arranging for the transfer of funds, lodging and obtaining government duties and taxes, and preparing and finalising legal documentation.

We can help to ensure that all terms and conditions are fair and reasonable, the property’s title is free of any encumbrances, the seller has the legal right to sell the property, all payments are made on time and any mortgages or other pieces are paid off, transfer the property into the buyer’s name, and obtain relevant taxes and duties.

We can help make the process of buying and selling property as smooth and stress-free as possible.

It isn’t legally required to hire a conveyancer to buy property in Paramatta, however, conveyancing can help make the entire process easier and more stress-free by:

  • helping with title and property searches
  • protecting your interests
  • helping to navigate the complicated legal process of buying a property

If you’re unsure, feel free to fill in the form below or contact us online. Our friendly team can help you understand what we do and how we can help.

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