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Business lawyers Paddington has trusted for over 40 years

Marc Hardman & Associates are business lawyers Paddington has trusted for over 40 years to help save time, reduce stress, and find legally beneficial solutions.

Our business lawyers Paddington team can help with almost any legal aspect from your business. We can help whether you’re just starting out with buying a business, managing or operating an ongoing organisation, or you’re looking to cash out and sell. At these times, we can help with maintaining legal regulations, contracts, property rights, and litigation. Our goal is to ensure you remain stress-free, knowing our business lawyers are making sure your business is legally compliant and protected with Paddington and New South Wales business laws. 

With over 40 years of experience helping businesses like yours, we’re confident we can help you. 

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Your Comprehensive Partner in Business and Commercial Law Services in Paddington

At Marc Hardman and Associates, our team of lawyers, solicitors, and conveyancers is equipped to manage any legal aspect of your business dealings. Whether it involves a sale or purchase, we focus on ensuring that every transaction meets your specific requirements. Our experience, built on working with a diverse range of clients, positions us to provide effective guidance in negotiations, aiming for optimal pricing and terms.

Collaboration is key in our approach. We work alongside your accountant to offer legal advice, particularly in areas of taxation that can lead to significant financial benefits. Our team is skilled in advising on business transitions, whether you’re expanding your portfolio or looking to sell.

In handling business sales, we pay close attention to all elements, including leases, assets, staff, and financial structures. Our comprehensive approach ensures that every important detail is addressed, leaving no room for oversight.

We specialise in dissecting the finer details of contracts, securing favourable terms, and achieving the best possible outcome in your transactions. Our efficiency sets us apart in the Sydney legal market, enabling you to complete deals swiftly and stay ahead in your business endeavours.

At Marc Hardman and Associates, we’re more than just your legal advisors; we are partners in your business, committed to providing reliable and efficient legal solutions tailored to your unique business needs.

Services our Business Lawyers Offer Paddington


Business Sales

Making the most of the business you’ve built means getting the right price. And before you sign the dotted line, you’ll need to navigate a long series of processes and legal hurdles that might have come as a surprise. We’ll explain every step, review each document, help negotiate with parties, and ultimately help you settle your business sale.


Buying a Business

Buying or setting up a business is exciting. Unfortunately, the paperwork that comes with it isn’t quite as exciting.

Our team offers comprehensive support for potential buyers. We’ll ensure that every step of your business acquisition process is legally compliant and beneficial to both parties. We’ll achieve this with due diligence, reviewing and negotiating purchase agreements, and with advisory on regulatory compliance. Our focus is on finding any potential risks or legal pitfalls and providing advice to help make informed decisions. Your investment will be protected and the acquisition will align with your business goals. 


Commercial Leasing

Nobody can review and negotiate a commercial lease faster than Marc Hardman & Associates and our team of business lawyers. 

Our goal is for both parties to finalise contracts with a result they’re pleased with. We offer expertise in drafting and reviewing lease agreements, negotiating lease terms, and resolving disputes. We provide guidance on rights and obligations under these, and ensure client’s interests are protected. So, whether you’re leasing a property for your business, or leasing a commercial space, our team provides the necessary legal support to navigate these transactions effectively.


Commercial Acquisitions

Conveyancing law is complicated, and nearly no areas are as complicated as commercial acquisitions. We offer due diligence, negotiation and drafting of purchase agreements, and ensure compliance with all legal requirements. We understand how important commercial acquisitions are, and we work closely with our clients to ensure every aspect of the transaction aligns with strategic goals while protecting both legal and financial interests.

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