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Owning and operating a business takes a lot of time and energy. But with our team of Central Coast business lawyers, we can help reduce the legal hurdles – giving you the peace of mind to grow your business without worrying about the legal implications and risks.

Our business lawyer Central Coast team can help with all aspects of running a legally-operated business. Our services relate to starting a new business, buying existing businesses, selling, or preparing exit strategies. We can also help with the legal side of daily operations. Anything from understanding regulations, reviewing contracts, knowing your rights, or litigation. Essentially, our team of Central Coast business lawyers can help make sure your business isn’t only compliant with the law but protected against any potential legal challenges too. 

And though we have a wide range of services across business law, we’re experts at each. Running our own business with 40 years of experience, we can translate what we’ve learned into understandable talk and transparent, actionable steps. Talk to our team of dedicated business lawyers, solicitors, and conveyancing specialists to get started with your Central Coast or surrounding areas business.

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We’d love to be your partner in business and commercial Law services on the Central Coast

Our skilled team of lawyers, solicitors, and conveyancers in Central Coast is equipped to tackle any legal challenge that your business may face. We are dedicated to ensuring that your business transactions, be they sales or purchases, are perfectly aligned with your strategic goals, utilising our experience to negotiate better deals and conditions.

We believe in comprehensive communication, extending our services to collaborate with your accounting team. This collaborative approach allows us to provide insightful legal advice on taxation, potentially leading to significant financial savings for your business. As your partners in Central Coast, we aim to facilitate smoother transitions, whether you’re scaling up your business or preparing to sell, enhancing profitability and ease.

In the world of business, there are often numerous underlying factors that may not be immediately obvious. Our job is to shed light on these aspects, ensuring you’re well-prepared for every stage of your business’s growth. We deal with the intricacies of leases, assets, personnel, and financial management with a detailed and comprehensive approach, making sure that every aspect is thoroughly covered.

We’re known for our ability to identify and mitigate potential risks hidden in contractual details, negotiate optimally beneficial terms, and ensure the most advantageous pricing for your ventures. Our proficiency and speed in handling legal matters make us a standout choice in Central Coast, enabling you to stay ahead in the market and complete transactions with efficiency.

Services our Business Lawyers Offer to the Central Coast


Business Sales

The process of selling your business in Central Coast involves a multitude of intricate steps. Our expert team is committed to guiding you through every phase, meticulously reviewing each document, engaging in comprehensive negotiations, and ensuring the finalisation of your sale. We’re dedicated to achieving a sale price that truly represents the value of your business efforts.


Business Purchases

Embarking on the adventure of owning a business in Central Coast is exciting. However, navigating through extensive paperwork can be overwhelming. Our team specialises in dissecting complex agreements, crafting advantageous contracts, and speeding up legal procedures, paving your way to business success.


Commercial Lease Negotiations

In-Depth Analysis, Superior Negotiations

Renegotiating commercial leases in Central Coast is a forte of Marc Hardman and Associates. We rigorously scrutinise lengthy contracts to detect every possible risk. Our seasoned team efficiently identifies conditions that could be detrimental, working tirelessly to secure more favourable terms and better lease pricing for you.


Commercial Property Acquisitions

The realm of commercial property acquisition demands an exhaustive approach to due diligence. Our Central Coast-based team is well-versed in this sector, from inspecting the physical condition of properties to understanding complex financial and regulatory landscapes. We perform thorough investigations of all relevant documents and property titles, ensuring that your financial footing is solid and that your acquisition is structured optimally for tax efficiency.

Questions for our Central Coast Business Lawyers?

A business lawyer helps businesses with legal issues. They give advice, write contracts, and represent businesses in court. They make sure businesses follow the law in Australia.

In short, you might engage a business lawyer to ensure your company is operating legally and fairly. 

No, you don’t need a business lawyer to start a business in Australia. However, having one can help ensure you set up correctly, understand legal requirements, and protect your interests. It’s especially useful if your business has complex structures, partnerships, or potential legal risks.

Costs vary. Some charge an hourly rate, others a fixed fee. 

If you’re looking for an accurate quote for your legal services, please contact us. Our business lawyers Sydney team are proud to offer fixed pricing and transparent pricing. Timely advice without the hidden fees.

Yes, a business lawyer can represent you in court if you face a lawsuit or need to sue someone regarding business-related issues. Most are trained to handle legal disputes, prepare necessary documents, and argue on your behalf in a court setting. 

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